Connect to your other platforms

Synchroteam's data is not locked in. We understand that there exists a wide variety of situations where you will want to read data kept within, or push data into it.

We are happy to provide you with a complete REST API that will allow you to integrate with other systems.

Why would you want to do this?

First and foremost, if you use other systems to manage your customer information (CRM, Invoicing systems, etc.), you will not want to duplicate data between them and By leveraging the data transparency provided by the REST API, you can exchange data between and other systems.

Am I exposing private data for the world to see?

Using our Web Services is secure, provided you don't share your API key with anyone! All communications are done over a secure link ( and require authentication.

Intended Audience

This Web Services documentation is meant for developers that need to extend and connect's functionality.

What you need to connect

You can access your API access credentials under's configuration section, under:

API authentication key

You will both your personalized domain name (<yourdomain> and the 40 character API key.

How to connect